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The medBike concept: professional Motion Therapy for both domestic and professional usage.

Motion Training can be used independently by individuals in their home environment, or may be integrated into Professional Motion Therapy. As such, the medBike concept is used in facilities for disabled persons, nursing homes, therapy centers and clinics.

A ‘Life in Motion’ is the key to physical wellbeing and stress assessment. The medBike concept is a substantial part of Professional Motion Therapy.

The medBike offers a variety of therapy functionalities:

Active Mode: motion solely based on user strength input.

Passive Mode: motion solely based on motorized movement output.

Pedal Assisted Mode: motion based on a combination of user strength input and motor output.


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Therapy Goals


Individuals goals


Low-speed and low-resistance motion has been researched and used in exercise therapy in hospitals for over 50 years to improve patients’ well-being. Motion Therapy stimulates metabolism and circulation, strengthens physical and mental health, and enhances longevity.



Medical professionals


Motion Training Therapy stimulates the metabolism, helps strengthen muscles, improves bone density, and enhances physical and mental well-being. The medBike can become an essential part of Motion Therapy Training for people with physical limitations, and is safe and effective for anyone who is able to use it.

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medBike options


Lower Leg Support


For many people with partial or complete paraplegia of the lower body, lateral control of the lower legs is highly important during motion training to prevent muscle shortening and joint stiffness. To assure a comfortable and correct position, a safe guidance of the lower legs is advisable.

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Nearest medBike distributors

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